Sometimes I crave your head between my thighs,
not in ways that people would think of.

In a way where your head
would rest on my pot belly and I would feel your breaths give life to the garden in my soul
and with each breath you take I fall deeper in love with you.

You know I fell in love with you without any
warning, any questions.

I fell and the roses bloomed.

Even on days when you’d place kisses across my forehead,
much to my irritation,
I was afraid to admit that the
sensation would cause my body to tingle and crave your touch,
everywhere and in every way.

It’s strange that flowers grow in the most unlikely places,
places I’d convinced myself were too dark,
too lonely,
and too foreign.

Excerpt from With Love, Forever by Jade Novelist & LxR.

Available November 14th

LxR ©️  2019

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