If you ever need to run away,
crash into me,
thorns and all.

When it hurts,
and your thorns dig into me,
when you say things you don’t mean,
I will hold you closer even if my hands bleed.

If you ever need room to grow
or space to breathe,
say the words and I will find a safe place to wait for you,
somewhere close enough for you to reach.

When it hurts,
and the fears creep in
and you feel hard to love,
I will fight for you until you believe I’m the garden meant to be your home.
So many have given me reason to write letters of love,
but only you have proven to be worthy of my love.

If you ever need to hide,
because you feel less beautiful
then remember of all the seeds in God’s Eden,
it is I, you blossomed for
and you, I will always pick.

Excerpt from Chapter 8: An Ode To Black of “African Gentleman” by Jade Novelist

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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