Looking back,
I should call myself a beggar.

I spent years seeking love,
hoping someone would want to be rooted in me,
to grow with me.

Some came and eroded my soul,
others came and took more than they gave,
and some came offering lessons,
like how painful love can be,
how flesh can corrode the purest intentions
and being with someone doesn’t always chase the loneliness away.

I spent years seeking love,
wondering who could love someone like me,
turns out,
the answer was always you.

Only you could want a lost treasure
no one could find value in.

So I will love you like the ocean loves the shore, no matter what I do or which way I go,
I will always crash right back into you.

Excerpt from Chapter 8: An Ode To Black of “African Gentleman” by Jade Novelist

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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