3 months ago I left social media. It was sudden and without warning. I didn’t know what or why I was doing it but I knew I needed to it.

Due to my impromptu exit, a lot was left to chance. Would I still write? Would I leave all platforms? Would I really do it?

Initially, I was going to shut down all my social media accounts but a few people talked me out of it and said I should leave them open in case I have a change of heart and come back. In the end I logged out of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything that would take data; basically, I removed myself from the world.

It was a gruelling process, it involved breaking things down and rebuilding. Starting with friendships, connections and ultimately ending with myself.

I had to break myself down or rather it was a consequence of leaving the ‘world’. The first few weeks were mentally draining. I realised that I used social media as an escape from my problems and funny enough, the problems I was running away from were problems from 6 years ago and further in my past.

The more time I spent by myself, the more everything became so real.

Rebuilding was just as hard, having to decide which relationships to mend and which aspects of myself I wanted to bring back.

In time I found my ambition and drive and I was ready to start anew. I was ready for my Re-Genesis.

I am back from my hiatus but I don’t come empty-handed. With me, I bring African Gentleman, an anthology that is long overdue.

With over 80 new poems and a short story, this collection is my hello to the world.

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