I guess asking you to say sorry when you were wrong was asking too much,

so could you not have loved a little louder?

It’s what lacked in our fights,

I always heard you fight with me but never for me.

Your commitment was inconsistent,

why did you take turns calling me different names?

Sometimes I was your soul mate and other times your greatest mistake,

could you not have picked one so I knew which role to play?

Agendas and diaries,

filled with dates never meant for me.

Was I really part of your plans?

Were you true when you said you wanted me because now I don’t have to ask if I wasn’t enough,

your actions speak volumes

so who are you to ask about trust?

You made promises you couldn’t keep,

so why do you feel you have the right to refer to me as someone you loved?

Excerpt from Love In A Lighthouse – Day Break Edition

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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