Sometimes I pray

I pray for personal things,

like the courage to face tomorrow

I pray for little things,

like can God not be the only one who loves me

Then other times I pray for big things,

like the courage to handle my sorrows.

I pray for people mostly

I pray for the forgotten who hold on to hurt like me

I pray to learn to forgive, not for them but for me.

Sometimes I pray to see less because the more I pray, the worse the world gets

As if my wording is wrong or someone sits and edits before they reach His ears

I pray for less girls to go missing and more bodies turn up dead

I pray for society to build itself up and floods rush in to bring down our structures.

I pray for healing but stories of children’s dealings with monsters spread like a disease

and I ask why I learnt to pray if every time I look down, then up, the world is on fire.

Sometimes I pray for things I don’t understand

I pray for freedom of mind, so I’m less afraid to want what I want because I feel someone deserves it more

I pray to be less naive,

so my heart houses less hate,

I need to grow and learn there is more to life than pain

I pray for despair to darken less souls, so young ones are warned less about gun violence and taught to shoot for their dreams

and maybe could the media put up images of hope because Revelations already spoke of today.

Sometimes I pray

But sometimes I don’t

Because before I knew You, being ignored hurt a little less.

Excerpt from Love In A Lighthouse – Day Break Edition

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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