Good things come to those who wait,

so let me perch my feet in my resolve and firmly say,

we are going to be okay.

I was told that faith moves mountains,

so we’ve stubbed our toes on a hill and hold on to pain felt in other parts

but not corroding our hearts.

Raised on stories of temples rebuilt in 3 days,

surely our love is an easy feat for the One who is so great.

We just need more time on our knees using lips to form words instead of sounds.

We can stop exercising wrong brains for forty days and forty nights and once we are back to where we need to be,

I can use my staff to part the entrance to your sea.

Yes, we have our doubts but isn’t that what songs are there for?

Let us belt out the hymn where it sings “I am Dangerously In Love with You” because that’s how I feel about you.

Excerpt from Love In A Lighthouse – Day Break Edition

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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