When God said let there be light,

It was a prophesy of our union because you chase the darkness away.

I breathe your love,

so my words smell of you.

Let your hand hold mine, your sweet lips meet mine

Let our hearts collide because smashing into you comes naturally to me

You embody my fears because losing you is the greatest of them.

You encompass my insecurities, surrounding me with new confidence.

Smile bringing,

joy giving and unrelenting.

You are infinite in your ways and I am definitely never getting out of yours.

When you lose your path, you may crash into me

and we will pick up the pieces together.

But I will steal some of yours, so the baggage weighs less on you.

My sweet honey dew, let me be the milk that compliments your wealth.

Pour me on your skin, when yearn for my touch.

In a world where all they want is marriage and big weddings

All I ever prayed for was a woman as understanding as you.

I know you deserve better but I am getting better at loving you.

Jade Novelist ©️  2019

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