How do I pen down my thoughts
With feelings that i can not explain
The kind of feelings that leave me not knowing how to feel

How do I pull myself together when all I have are memories
memories of who you were to me
How do I forget the image of you
when all you were, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I miss you and all that you offered
I am finally letting myself feel this way

I miss you and the thought of us
I miss your soft touch and tender loving hands
Your smooth lips and deep voice that uttered words of affirmation that got me through my bad days

Back then we played hide and seek
All you ever did was hide close enough for me to find you

Every time I called out your name
You came running into my arms because for you,
For you i wasn’t supposed to be just a memory

I was the girl you loved but broke your heart
and to me you were the man i failed to love back.


Serendipity ©️  2019

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