Love is so many things and more,
a home, fortress, a tent, sometimes a treehouse
calming laughter, comforting silence
hugs, tears, spaces in between our fingers,
a cup of water and remembering when to stop at one when you count from four, one for each letter of love.

Love is intentional, consistent;
a shape shifter that draws strength from the wielder.
At times it glows,
other times you almost miss it,
those times where you feel you don’t deserve it.
Like water, love fill up whoever it’s being poured into.
Regardless of shape, height, orientation and belief.
When love finds you, you will have to chug on it.

Again, love will always be intentional.
Like a home for when you are lost.
A reminder that no matter how far gone you feel,
it is always waiting to welcome you back.
Love is air,
You can’t escape it.


Poetyk Prynx ©️  2019

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