For hours I sat down, trying to put my finger around this whole love thing
Only to realize that I don’t have the full understanding of what love is
And will probably never understand but in the midst of the not knowing and
Understanding what love is, I learnt what love isn’t

If it leaves you a hallow feeling in your tummy as if butterflies never lived
There, never danced to the sound of their voice, to the sound of their name
That’s not love

And if you’re constantly gasping for air to breathe that was blocked by hands
On your neck every time he leaves, that’s not love
If your lips don’t curve the way they used and the tears rolling from your eyes
Are not from joy and laughter, that’s not love

If you sleep next to loneliness, with your head laid on a pillow with a changed
Pillow case only for you to soak it with tears overnight and still wake up next to sadness even in their presence, that’s not love

If your shortfalls are constantly compared to what transpired in the Garden of Eden and
Your love is thrown back in your face that’s not love, because if it’s love
It will never be too heavy for one to carry unless it was never meant for them to carry.

Pogiso P Mokwena


Pogiso P Mokwena ©️ 2019

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