I called love the other day,
But pain answered and said she was not there,
And I should try again when healing comes
Because she might know how I can reach her.
I called the following morning,
And deception answered, telling me that I will never reach love and should stop calling her.

My stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to give up,
So I decided to track where love lives,
But its always a struggle looking for someone you don’t really know,
Someone you’ve never met before,
Someone you aren’t even sure if they are real or not.

I had heard people speak well about love,
Hence I wanted to meet and experience her by myself,
Yet, along the way I met lies, pretense and lust,
Who all showed characteristics of how love was described to me,
But neither one of them was love.

I wanted to give up, until I met hope and faith,
They told me to keep looking and once I find myself,
I’ll be able to locate love.
It was baffling because I knew I was lost,
I just didn’t know that I had lost myself.


Andre Lefu ©️ 2019

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