My journey of self started with love,

love of self expressed in selfishness,

love denied to those that sought me,

hiding behind closed pages,

feelings wrapped colorfully…dead within.

My love for self was a hidden well,

deep within a wretched soul dwells,

longing for a love I couldn’t feel,

I sought solace in blowing trees,

captured there was a high I felt.

It divulged truths about self,

the journey that had began ages past,

started again with an acceptance of self,

my black skin I mocked and hated,

I embraced with the truth revealed.

For yea are gods,

black like the earth you tread upon,

black like the roots that dig nourishment,

black like the tempest that devours all,

black like the color that is and isn’t.

This black ruled nations,

this black created civilizations,

this black made history,

this black is a creator,

this black is a god.

Homer ©️ 2018

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