The many nights I had,

with cold

as my companion made me older,

so much life slipped through me,

I remember the hours I waited for you and you

didn’t show up


Countless moments as I held my head,

thinking of how to trap you

made me a wounded animal losing strength,

many times I walked alone

with stars teasing me,

and the moon turning yellow

for I was depressed


The many lies you told me,

kept me worrying of how you are

or of how you slept

yet you were to alive to cause

so much pain to me

maybe you knew I wouldn’t handle myself

when you loved me not,

so it’s better I know nothing


The day i was deceased while I would still breath,

the hours I went dead when you kept on saying sorry

and I too in love that I had to forgive

I had no choice since I remained a puppet under your hands


Though I felt more younger the times you said you loved me

and i thought I had another chance to live,

when we were together but know

the days you never loved me and I felt it,

were the days i died.


Serendipity ©️ 2018

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