Of all the wiseman I’ve met in my life

None could give me understanding


Of all the search engines on the net

None could answer what’s kept me hostage


Of all the gods in the world

None could give reason to my existence

Of all the substances that I’ve taken

None could take away the pain

Of all the men I’ve given myself to

None could give me what I need


Living in a world that embraces suffering

With a promise of a saviour that will heal

Can your saviour reimburse me my years?

Years He gave to a creation He promised to take care of


Why should I embrace this suffering

When I could jump off a building and end it all?

Why should I accept this responsibility

When I was created without the freedom of choice

Man has answers to how a whale swallowed a human

But can never answer how life swallowed my childhood

Are we not children born to enjoy the leisure of being alive?


Sihle Tumani ©️ 2018

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