Trying to infuse modernism with cultural conservatism

We are losing ourselves..

Our true religion segregated from the world by urbanisation

We are labelled cannibalistic cave men when we practice our cultural traditions.

Our indifferences makes people uncomfortable

Yet they keep stealing from that which they so profoundly hate.

Research methodologies designed to disprove the superiority of my melanin genes

My history tampered with to promote white supremacy..

So it seems..

And yet, they keep stealing from that which they find inferior.

Images of a White God are all that the black man sees

And images of evolving monkeys tend to represent me

Worshipping a European being for speaking our languages

But when we speak theirs, it’s never celebrated…

How ironic is it that centuries later we still don’t have an education system that teaches Africans about Africa?..

Truly our nation is devastated..

We’ve somehow been made nightmares of our ancestors dreams.

Andre Lefu ©️ 2018

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