The feminist in me,

can’t relate to the woman in you.

But I think it’s due to my lack of understanding,

I thought your road towards empowerment was for upliftment

Not knowing that the price you’d pay would be my opinion.

Somewhere between hello and goodbye,

I disagreed with you and you saw me as enemy

I don’t know if it was when I said a man can love and be faithful,

that not every father is absent by choice

Or maybe it was when I spewed that I believe in gender equality but setting your salary was beyond me

Because like you I’m still applying for jobs and getting turned down for no experience

If I had no dick, would my truths get preference?

But I digress,

I’m getting attuned to the feminist in me not relating to the woman in you.

So I never know what to say other than sorry for their actions,

and I forgive you for your mindset.

It’s sad that anything contradictory is seen as an attack on your womanhood

and now we use tragedies as ammunition when the sexes battle.

You’re slowly drifting from who you said you’d be and I’m running out of ways to be more than a mere obstacle to you.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

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