Where do the broken go to heal when time takes too long? There are two guarantees in life, the first being that just like life was given to you, so shall it be taken from you and the second is that none of those events will stop the moving of time. Time is infinite, pain can be too.

There are many ways to deal with pain, some are frowned upon, some are acceptable and some are justified depending on who you ask. Let me start off by saying someone who ends their own life is not selfish, they weren’t living for you. If someone wishes to end their life, it was because they wanted to end the pain, the numbness, they wanted it to stop. I don’t support suicide and I believe that there is always a way to deal through things but I understand the desire to not feel anything anymore.

Someone’s suicide, their desire to end the pain, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

Everyone has a coping mechanism, drugs, sex, music, talking to someone or even shutting people out. I’m too curious for my own good and so I’ve tried more things than I am willing to admit. The youth of our generation is broken. Broken by racism, being raised in abusive environments, broken by our friends, our families, our parents, we are broken.

We are broken by actions without thoughtful consequence. When a mother turns to her little girl and tells her that her father is unfaithful, is she warning her about the ways of men or giving her a reason to hate a man who has done no wrong to her? When you laugh at someone’s efforts instead of correct them, are you showing them that they are wrong or giving them reason to never better themselves?

We are a thoughtless generation, we see people are broken and instead of paying attention to the cause, we focus on the reaction. ‘Children are uncontrollable and don’t know how to communicate’ but parents forget years ago how they would silence their kids because “a parent knows best”. They were never allowed to say more than “I love you” and “Yes” to their parents because a good child does what is told and an opinion that differs is disrespect. You spend years silencing a child and then call them shy and say they lack self-esteem.

Drugs. Sex. Alcohol. They can be coping mechanisms, before you tell someone that what they are doing is wrong, do you ask them why do they feel they need help coping and isn’t there another way to handle the matter? Other coping mechanisms are not sold but live within us, like when someone grows up being told they are fat or unattractive and they lash out at a joke or at a misinterpreted compliment, it is their way of coping. Get them, before they get you.

Some people laugh at others, find someone shorter than you and call them a midget, someone bigger than you and call them fat, someone who makes less money and remind them about tax brackets or make them feel less qualified. Your coping mechanism requires the breaking of another. In order to feel better about yourself, you need to hurt someone else.

Being in a better place, having more positive coping mechanisms and a better mind-set does not give you the right to judge someone but rather the power to show them that things can be different. Not all that glitters is gold, so you are not to try and make them want to be you or in your situation because no one knows better what you are going through than you but still you whether gold or not, you glitter and that is what you need to pass on. The hope that they too can glitter in their own way.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

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