A pillar of strength who holds you up when your walls of courage break down

Your protector when your shield of pride crumbles,

she will be the one to catch you after a fall

and like a rock hold you down until you are ready to get back up.

A container for all your bitterness,

and even though sometimes containers leak,

still she stands

Ready to face another day,

heal another wound

and cast out another demon that plagues the ones she cares for.

A vessel for blessings,

housing her own insecurities,

learning her own meaning of beauty.

She can be too much when all she wants is to be just enough

and she can break hearts,

and she can mend hearts

because she is who she needs to be.

An underrated individual,

more than a care giver,

going beyond birthing and nurturing

She is in charge of her own mindset,

her body and choices

And she is you…

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