Unavailable but attached

You are in a relationship but we are just friends

who haven’t seen each other with our clothes off yet.

Dangling the rope slowly in front of me

So, slow I didn’t feel it turn to a noose around my neck.

I chocked on hope

and I almost died from regret.

What is love when the only options are;

Never going to happen

and can’t give up on what if?

My heart is a treasure chest that waits on you

and you think you are superior,

because you hide your feelings better

Like, spending every day with me doesn’t affect you.

I know the longing in your eyes has you trapped too.

And just because you don’t say the words

doesn’t mean you don’t love me too.

Call the elephant in the room

something other than a dream I made up in my head.

We created this space, where it’s just us two.

All your unchecked emotions are fucking with me too.

Poetic Vixen ©️2018

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