I had it all,

and he was just trying to catch up,

You see, to me an “us” was important

but to him “he” was important,

To keep an us ,

I had to make sacrifices that made him happy,

Sacrifices that made me lose myself

in my attempts to keep him,

There wouldn’t be an us without him,

so I had to give my all,

even if it meant losing the parts of me that mattered

I lost moments with loved ones,

While he learnt to love a new someone

and when he was where he wanted to be

his life was perfect with the exception of me

I couldn’t picture living life with anyone but him

and he felt I didn’t even deserve a proper goodbye

Once the wind beneath me and now the gravity that holds me down

You and love decided to settle in another’s home.

Sapphire ©️ 2018

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