Copy paste is what you saw us as

You projected the desires of your fantasies on us

You saw no difference between wrong and right,

so you painted us with the same brush

Sometimes you felt lies were better suited for my ears

Which is why your “I love you” always came as a whisper

Other times you showered me with truths I never asked for

Leading me on to believe that I wasn’t good enough or that you could find better

Like, you being here was you doing me a favour

Forgetting, you asked me to be your partner

You burdened me with that reality

The four walls heard you that night

When you said the universe made room for an us

and the butterflies you harbored needed the space to spread their wings

I wish I did more than believe in your make beliefs

We all face monsters but you enjoy feeding yours

And I can no longer be part of your illusion

Being me is hard enough

and choosing has caused more damage than I’d like to admit

But a lie tangled love

will break and bend you till you lose your identity

It would be lovely,


to be loved for who I am

But you still need to find self before loving me

So I will leave and give you more room for you to test your wings

Jade Novelist, Poetic Vixen & Boikhutso ©️2018

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