It has been a while since I last posted poetry. Normally I write to be understood but this time I wish to address certain topics and certain people and so I wrote this for them.

This is a collection of pieces and collaborations by myself and featuring Boikhutso, Poetic Vixen and Sapphire, all of whom I have worked with on both the “BLVCK” Series and “Her Thoughts & How I Picture Them“.

I asked them to join because not only do I love their writing styles but they also have amazing stories to tell. It is a short collection, 10 pieces, maybe you will relate, maybe you won’t, maybe you will understand and maybe you won’t but every word said has meaning.

Butterfly Wings – The Collection

  1. Territorial – Poetic Vixen
  2. Whispers In The Wind – Sapphire & Jade Novelist
  3. Metamorphosis – Jade Novelist & Boikhutso
  4. Lucid Evolution – Boikhutso & Jade Novelist
  5. Migration – Sapphire
  6. Flutter – Poetic Vixen, Boikhutso & Jade Novelist
  7. Nostalgia – Boikhutso
  8. Flora – Jade Novelist
  9. Bloom – Jade Novelist
  10. Honeydew – Jade Novelist

The Collection will be released at 19:00 CAT and posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during the week.

Happy Reading.


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