I look for you on the walls, seeking evidence of last nights nighttime escapades. Hoping to find a handprint to place my hand on, so I can feel a part of you still near me. When you are away I question your existence, after so many lost bad loves, it’s only natural that the most involuntary choice other than loving you I have, is to question if you exist.

It’s the distance between our old goodbye and new hello where I miss you the most. Barely, closing the car door, my heart tugs at my mind to turn around and take it back home. At the corners of your smile my arteries perform at optimum function. Drowning in your air, I breathe you.

I long for your embrace at the mention of your name, I hear you in love songs. You make me ill. Constantly needing a dose of you to cure my short term memory, I can’t remember much between the last and next moment we are together. I’m knee deep in your love, hands and feet bathing in your love. Praying the scent of your affections never wash off.

It’s in the silent spaces between fights, the hours while you’re at work, the minutes after I’ve woken up and watch you sleep and the seconds after you let go where I anticipate the next time you will hold me and tell me I’m still your one and only. Even while writing this I miss you because the other things I do have no meaning when you are not in my presence.


Jade Novelist & Poetic Vixen ©️ 2017

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