She said…

Thank you for saving me

In a world of monsters and demons,

fathers rejecting responsibilities and becoming fallen heroes,

Sons aspiring to be maintenance payers instead of care givers

brothers objectifying sisters conforming to trends while subjecting them to verbal violence,

you choose to let your rebellious spirit take the lead

You take love as an action and not a word, so you make it to me all night

I experience your greatness in multitudes

It is in the simple gestures,

painting nails or combing hair

Daily echoes of “you are beautiful”

accompanied by whispered prayers to the Most High

In my head I imagine you are a fugitive who escaped from a dream

The counter part to my insecurities

You fill me wholly and completely

Promoting my self confidence

I can say I’m in love with someone who is almost as in love with me

After all, you can’t love more than someone whose heart had to face ancient demons to learn to love unknown angels


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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