This is an ode to the blueprints of the next generation

The never should have beens that made it

The collage drop outs who started something worth millions

The varsity graduates with honors and unemployment

To the ones with study loans and outstanding fees

All actively making an effort to contribute to society positively

To contribute to a society that devalues your achievements

What is the meaning of black excellence

When ghosts of the roads you traveled to reach it haunt your pockets?

This is for the dark winged angels who never get to testify

Drug dealers who got out and the kids who avoided them

Go out make sure others make the same decision

To the single fathers who are good testimonies but will never get shine because “men are trash” even when we do right

And our skin color doesn’t make it any easier

They change focus from not being there to not having enough

My black brothers I beg you, please don’t give up

I hail my single mothers doing it with their legs closed

Prayer books open and knowing the goal, staying focused

That without guidance our youth is hopeless

The world is silent about you but know that some of us do notice

This is a thank you from the ones who conquered by means of hand me downs

Who thrived despite fathers who were never there or mothers who never cared

Who had nothing more than a wish and a prayer and appreciated atchar as a salad

Who never used personal tragedies as a handicap

Those who understood they were loaning their clothes from someone not born yet and that black tax is the interest

Those who never needed to be told but understood their parents were desperate

Those who never wasted opportunity

And when they did, they got back up and found a legal way to catch up and succeed

For those who had to grow up before their prime

Forced to adopt your siblings or take care of your parents because no one responsible was around at the time

Had to make sacrifices before you had anything worth offering

As I pen this stanza, my heart is crying

Because your childhood is a nonexistent memory

Life had you play mommy and daddy rather early

And whether or not they smile when they say your name

You will never hide your face in shame


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017


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