Uninspired romances bore me
Yet I recall incidents that never happened
Because I long for a something I never had
I miss and reminisce every day-dreamt kiss
Moans and thoughts of touch I try to dismiss
I live in a world of what if
Like what if we were more than friends
And had a love that never ends
Sure I wanted us to be more than thoughts
Because I thought we would become a reality
I hoped you would understand my “hard to get”
Notice , ignore and come get me
I myself am a novice at love
But I thought you had more patience
Because the skill required to steal my heart requires experience
I was a brick wall refusing to love
Now I’m in love
With someone who refuses to love me
What irony
You want me less now that the one in love, is me

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018
14 Days of Valentine – Day 7
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