With eloquence she spoke

Telling me her beautiful tragic story

I don’t think she was trying to be frightening

But rather a warning with an undertone of inviting

She told of how he swept her off her feet

Made her knees go weak

She was used to wondering around aimlessly

until he came along and gave her somewhere to run to

They were both broken, so together they planned to be whole

He promised to be there on bad days,

And when he spoke, she only focused on the good things

In time she was caught in him and he was all she had

As time went by, bliss became a distant stranger

She knew heartache by name and he became the source of her pain

She found the strength to migrate from his control

but none was left for her to piece herself back together

I wanted to speak my truth but I was afraid it was something she had already heard

And I knew the greatest challenge would not be to convince her that I meant every word

But rather that someone in this world, could want the broken pieces she had to offer

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018
14 Days of Valentine – Day 6
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