Commencing System Reboot

*Error 401*

Now that we’ve said “I do”, we need to discuss a few ground rules

Turn off your signal,

no more offering the password to your WiFi to guys wishing to connect to fresh networks

Let’s control ourselves and behave accordingly

Alternate past distractions that wish to bring viruses to our system

and block any links to Trojan horses with hopes of messing with our hard drive

Delete supporting apps undeserving of encryption rights

You and I are more than an island,

we are a lost usb nobody can access

when they think of you, Error 404 should cross their mind

From now on we are locked in our marriage and it’s systems down

From now on, you fuck with me only and I fuck with you

*Error 403*

⁃ End error log –


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
#DearFutureWife 16

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