Picture a jar

Label it you and me

Put in broken memories but leave room for us to pour in new ones

Lay our upbringings at the bottom,

let’s not forsake them,

they were our foundation and shaped us but let’s be individuals with our own traditions

A drop of family values, a lot of selfish waters

you and I were strangers, then friends, lovers, married and now parents

let’s respect the order of things, kids come after us

Let in something borrowed, something old and something new

in the spirit of what’s yours is mine and mine yours

Honor my last name and I will take care of your old soul

while we travel on this new road

Seal it off with a kiss of faith

leave room for fresh air to grace our space when we overwhelm each other

bury this jar in the sands of time so our love remains eternal

ever floating, ever safe, ever us


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
#DearFutureWife 7

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