Autumn Memories

I’ve never really loved intentionally

It was always something I felt was expected of me

If someone noticed me, I had to reward them with equal favor

It would start out unwanted but welcome,

after all doesn’t everybody want somebody?

I had the right to say I had a past but could never say what happened?

I wish to say it was them and not me but still I always found myself alone

It was continuous and repetitive

My tree of love grew until love became necessary for my nourishment

but I would slowly have to watch the leaves fall to the ground and start all over again

Friends would say it was part of my journey and would lead to more growth

but do trees not tire of reaching for the sky?

Why love is a heaven I can never call home?


Jade Novelist ©️ 2018
14 Days of Valentine – Day 4
To read more poems from the 14 Days Of Love series, you can visit my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page and follow #LoveIn14Days.
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