Hypothetically, what if I said I had it all planned and awaited for your favorite flower to bloom, would you see it as an excuse or a man sticking his hands in the pits of romance? What if I labeled it a promise ring when in fact it was meant for our “I do”? You should have never ruined the surprise, but then again you never chose to get sick and come home early that day.

Let’s say I did things that needed to be done and had plans to get you another one? What if I sacrificed my rose petals and candlelight background, to get you the trip you wanted? After all, you said you needed to get away and wish is my command, so I traded in your bling so we could go vacationing. Get aways are fleeting moments and engagements are building blocks to forever, I guess I over-estimated the length of our journey.

Maybe I waited too long to ask and that’s why you packed your bags. Maybe I put too much faith on that “I’m not in a rush”, and maybe if you told me your “I’ll wait for you” meant the clock is ticking now I would have invested in a lucky packet and gave you less reason to relate that Beyoncè song, instead you preaching “to the left, to the left” with a note addressed with the “I love you” you should have served me with your tears but now I’m on my knees and emotional with different thoughts, maybe the promise made on that ring should have been that you would stick around instead of me.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017

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