I spent so much time hoping someone would love the broken parts of me

So I could find the strength to face them,

I wanted to lean on you so the road would be a little less lonely

So while we built us up, we could also drag my shattered soul along

Instead of love lessons you put me on a crash course on recovery

How to recover from false promises,

how to fixate on blemishes and act like it’s all my fault

I smell of bad decisions, so I bathe in salty tears

Only resulting in cleansing the good memories

Washing away the day we first kissed, our first time and the last time my name had sweet undertones as it parted from your lips

A man must not cry, so let me tear

A man may not shed a tear, so let’s call mine watering the earth

Mother Nature gives birth, let me water her offspring


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017

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