If the sky is heaven’s carpet,
can we sit like children safe in their Father’s house
Simple, pure and innocent
Untouched by bad memories
Unharmed by sharp words
and unable to relate to the broken hearted
If the sky is heaven’s carpet,
Can we have clouds for pillows and live above petty differences
May our fights be direct yet light like feathers
May our dirty linen be kept private but openly discussed between us
and you may rest your sorrows upon me
I will hold your thunders until I can no longer contain them

If the sky is heaven’s carpet,
Can we have the moon for a nightlight
So each night we can say our love was made under stars
Let our moans be the whistles heard in the wind
and our faith be the eclipse that overshadows loves inherent defects

Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
14 Days of Valentine – Day 1
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