Dying trees. Scattered leaves. Segregation leads.

Blurred lines. Distant memories. Forgotten shared history.

Sharp words. Painful thoughts. Salted wounds still bleed.

Misplaced letters. Curious eyes. Screenshots taken for eternity.

Passion builds. Buildings fall. Foreigners camping in fields.

Hate speech. Silent hearts. The error with society.

Closed minds. Open wallets. Politicians and greed.

Pompous vocabulary. Educated mind. The best you had was “monkey”?

Smiling faces. Hidden intentions. Performers performing performances on repeat.

Rushed decisions. Travel arrangements. Presidents fluctuating currency.

Dry lips. Cold hands. Dead child who couldn’t feed.

Unheard pleas. Decorated lies. The youth are angry.

Misheard warnings. Undercover deals. Fear is what nuclear breads.

Xenophobia. Racism. Segregation.

Barren conscience. Uncultivated remorse. Reasons for our severed land.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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