Defining sexy to my daughter

Will be the greatest lesson I’ve ever taught her

Young lady, beauty can’t be captured in words

So ignore the ranting and raving of magazines in the world

Most people think it’s on the outside

But you have something special on your side

Everyone wishes they’d be you if they could

Defining sexy to my daughter

Maybe now she’ll see she is prettier then the doll that I bought her

No conforming to the norms of society

They are filled with endless envy

Singing never ending odes to anorexia

When they are just lost people like you and me

But they are filled with jealousy’s insomnia

Refusing to sleep when others are happy

Defining sexy to my daughter A young girl still struggling to grasp that I love her

Cause I feel the boys she brings never impress

Baby, sexy is an attitude and not a state of undress

If you let it all your assets hangout

Then little girl I doubt

Any boy will want to take you home

When all his friends have seen the whole show

Defining sexy to my daughter Into a life of sin, is where I brought her

So look to mom, she set the standard to beat

Morals and values, that’s what one should keep I may be old and not in tune with what’s “in”

But I was once where you are I know every princess wants to marry a future king

So open your eyes and understand, maybe you’ll realize the matter at hand, sexy is beauty And true beauty lays within


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017

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