Tonight we come together,

So we can cum together

Hands bound like prey in a trap

Tonight I devour your insides

Skinning you of your clothes,

using my hands as blades and sliding them across your physique

till it all peels off and you are in your most natural state.

Staring wide eyed will not sway me to mercy.

Heating things up with foreplay,

music in the background to drown your howls

Yellow rays peeping through closed curtains imitating light from a fire place

Unset table for unrestrained savage behavior,

prepared to eat on floors, juices flowing from the bowl

Rolling you around till your hind is in perfect view,

so it crashes into hands making loud bangs as I make sure the meat is tender.

Peeled off undergarments for a muzzle,

Sweat drenched skin for a blindfold

and belt within reach in case you try to escape

but if you wish, you may sit up or get on your knees and appease your master.

Lick away while you look in my eyes.

Bite your lips as you anticipate your little death,

Running out of patience, breathing heavies

Hand on neck, constrained

Clawing on surroundings fighting to catch air,

It’s too late, you’re mine

Little fox why did you tempt me?

Did you not believe me when I said I know how handle game…


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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