We lived in clouds and looked down on the past

Flying recklessly from first names to first time

but recently landed on our last kiss

Life’s winds blew away the house we planned to build

And with no place for them to nest

What would be the point of hatchlings

Clipped wings can’t fly straight

So for a while I lost sight of my goals and flew into some bad habits

Afraid of human interaction I hid even when one approached with perceived good intentions

I used to soar and trust my instincts but how could I have been so wrong about us

Instead of take off, we took down

And our hearts carry the burden

Healing takes time but being stagnant makes one easy prey

Loneliness and advices from friends became my daily meal

And it wasn’t long before I forgot how to fly

Chose to keep my feelings grounded

And now as I relearn to love

I shed off the feathers of pave way for my heart to reach greater heights

Deeper than the ocean can reach


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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