In life there are lessons

In tragedy there are blessings

In his leaving, gave room for my arrival

We struggle through the questions

How much of the truth do you deserve?

How much from me should you learn

And with you being so young could you ever understand

that even though I missed out on your birth

and wasn’t part of your conception

I love you as if I was always there

We started off on a rough note,

Home full of love and pockets filled with dreams

Empty wallets and financial difficulties were our first contributions

Continuous mood swings, you know couple things,

mom and dad could not agree on how to do things,

all we knew was you came first

So we made sacrifices,

She gave up her attitude and I learnt to ask for help

We learnt to communicate

So please believe me when I say I’m not here because of her

All we really are is common math,

no matter who she decides to love, you’ll always be my one

Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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