It started small,

with letters written by a middle man

Sometimes a he, other times a she

They would tell me how to love you

Three times a day,

other times I had to have you only after meals

Your taste would fill my lips and I would feel safe

Working your way through my system

Calming my nerves, you made me better

Doctors were right,

though it pains me,

you were necessary for my existence

Necessary became essential and obsession formed

You had to be everywhere I went and I didn’t care who saw us together

I needed you to chase the voices away

I needed you to make bad days okay

With you, I learnt to live on the edge because the idea of overdose became exciting

Loving you became easier with time

Friends and family agreed they liked me better after you entered my life

and I didn’t feel so alone when I had to stand in front of crowds

or when I had to take a test

They say the best things in life are free

But I find love monthly in a bottle


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017


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