Birds in flight before sunrise migrate to new places after sunset

So I envy how they escape and get second chances

Almost like their days have a reset

Nomads with no anchors

Leaving their marks with no repercussions

Making a mess wherever they go and people saying it’s a sign of good luck

Wish my messes were blessings

My unique exterior was considered beautiful

Maybe then I’d hate myself a little less

and any sound I made would be called a song

and someone would be glad to hear me in the mornings

I would not have a race problem

After all we know what color the dove was,

Many people are just happy they got to exist after Noah and the ordeal

I could fly above my insecurities

Feel the wind beneath my wings

as opposed to my face reminding me that I’m grounded

Grounded by bills and unnecessary things

Let me take off from places I feel unwanted

And build a home wherever I am

Be oblivious to people trying to shoot me down so their negativity wouldn’t weigh on me


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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