I want more

I want more hand holding in public places, let it be equivalent to the lip locking in private spaces.

I want to exchange vows at the end of an isle with the same seriousness we make promises with the sheets at the foot of the bed.

I need more days ending in smiles and less mornings lacking a goodbye.

I need less ways to seek your attention and more methods to show you I cherish our union.

I desire to engage in new conversations so give me more voices to grace our halls but I have no plans of raising them alone.

I desire dances in the dark, nights out laughing, days in smiling and our commitment to love to be our guiding light.

I long for more from you, so I can feel more of me is worth it.

Yet when I ask if I’m too much, all you do is tell me to wait.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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