I can’t say it was intentional

I don’t know if you meant for it

Before we knew it, you said you were in love and I was way past like

We were opposites,

with the only similarity being that you were just as messed up too

You tore down walls you never built with such tenacity

And I dug below insecurities,

ignoring that they required taming so you could give all of you to all of me

Clothes were made to decorate sheets and floors while our bodies danced against beds and walls,

before you had even bothered to memorize my last name

But I was satisfied with your attempts because I convinced myself that remembering the first syllable was enough to show you cared

We added labels and put us on display because that’s what lovers who aren’t beneficial friends do

We did too much, too soon and I can only think of one word to describe us.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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