I’m afraid of everything but mostly terrified of having you

They label it genetics, so I am wired this way

But I hope the chaos I embody never brings disorder to your life

Yet if you inherit the burden of my sins, then understand it was never intentional

All I ever wanted was to love someone whose face mirrored mine

And if it is your destiny, then may you wear the mantle of “broken” in your later days after you’ve lived a full life

Have no regrets, love freely knowing the mind isn’t in charge of that function

Speak your truth, even if the words get jumbled up inside, eventually they come out right

Please never tire of your own voice because I won’t always be around to stand up for you

But for as long as I am, don’t worry about being misunderstood

You won’t have to do it alone like I did

You won’t be young, black and struggling

We won’t down scale it to “attention seeking”

or look for answers from ancestors or blame it on witches

You are just special

You are different

You are born from a chaotic mind

How could you ever be ordinary?


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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