In jungles and forests,

lions are king

So with buildings for trees,

in this concrete world,

the male species is king.

Leader, Ruler and dominant

While the lioness does what he deems below him

She takes care of his offspring,

Makes sure he has food to eat and she is the one who hunts for love

But following animal like basics

Often monogamy is not in his vocabulary and he finds one to not be enough

She seeks ways to justify his actions and wonder if she could get away with the same choices

Would it be justified if she said she was lonely?

That the light of the African sun was not enough to warm her

That the moon rays that shone on her during the night time could not whisper the words “you’re beautiful” in languages her heart could understand.

And if she said he dug her claws into her unexpectedly but gently

Made her purr and objected but gave in

yet it’s okay because it didn’t mean anything.

All of it never means anything until the King decides history is worth remembering,

Reminding her she has no right to question his affections because he was there every other night he needed her

That he made her happy and his roars of “I love you” should be the command for her to love his lies.

She was not to know strangers unknown to him because his duty was to protect her

Or control her.

The rule of the jungle is that the strong shall survive.

Would he be strong enough to internalize conflicts with consciences granted voices by insecurities,

Would he forgive her for allowing another king to claim her even if it were just for a night

And if she were the lion, would she entertain this conversation?

Lions and Lionesses

Kings and Queens

His and Her

You and me

This is about we


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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