Dear Love

I’ve decided to change my approach
I found the flaws in monogamy
It leads to nothing but heart break
My soul is set to start my next relationship with a ménage à trois
with the option of a foursome if my understanding is incomplete
It will be me, her, you and Him.
His will be an open invitation,
He may enter when He pleases or may bless us from afar
Irregardless I hope He hears me when I pray over the relationship
and I hope you don’t get jealous being shared
by two who are still learning to comprehend you.
Please take no offense when we fight and use your name as a defense
Please stand your ground when we allow others to speak on our home
And when you feel you are no longer welcome, run to Him,
so when we seek solutions and ways to mend what’s broken,
we shall find you whole,
in a safe place and ready to return with us,
where you belong.

To read more poems from the anthology, you can visit:

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