A love that is unplanned can blossom in ways unimagined.Sprouting positive behavior as a side effect and giving new life to an old soul. 
Love lives in strange places, it’s the obvious that never shows.

The nectar of the gods bestowed on me, I vowed to protect from new vultures.
So when you made it to me, I can honestly say I wasn’t ready.

I found faults in your truths, my mind dressed promises as lies and excuses to shut you out were forever present.
The fear of thinking “he is not the one to treat you right”, 

he will do what the last did and you run away with the “what IFs”.
We met in a world with a 140 limit, 

I landed up in your bed 

now with a baby on the way,

it’s clear you were always meant to light my way

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