Society made plans without meEven in a crowd, I still feel alone

No matter how loud the world is, 

I pause everything

Tiny boxes and checklists, 

society never describes me,

so I never fit in

I tried to be everything

Tomboy, Slay Queen

but because my place goes undefined

I don’t know who I’m meant to be

I don’t know me and I’m scared because with every day I’m expected to make more decisions that are expected to reflect me

Where does the out the box, lone wolf go to rest?

How can those with no guidelines pass the test?

When will I no longer be an outcast?

I tried it all, it just didn’t work out

When will the world accept I am the diamond yet to be discovered?

I’m not crazy, I’m not seeking attention

There is nothing wrong with me

I’m just tired of being misunderstood

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