Slow hands marching on soft skinwith hearts racing like horses in a parade

dancing pretty under silk sheets, trapped in a net of sweat woven by busy bees
No lust or love as treasures 

but still we pursue like adventurers 

having read signs hidden in emojis and modern hieroglyphs  

we chose to bury emotions in bodies
Drowning heartbeats with loud breathes

catching glimpses of small deaths

transcending human interactions

becoming angels bathing in rivers of sin
Let’s make a miracle

and not care about the consequences

plant seeds in watery gardens and birth nations

after birthing orgasmic floods

reaffirm our religion, we are proud nudists
Bring me to revelations while you blow on my trumpet

make me forget numbers while your do-whatever-to-me

Genesis my body into speaking in tongues

while I do my best not to use His name in vain 
Tempt me to profanity, tease me to insanity

clip my wings, and because it belongs to our maker

simply borrow my soul and return it when judgement day arrives

and the lights come on

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