With him the pillow began to stay dry late at night and her smiles became genuineShe no longer dreamed of being a princess, all she wanted was to be his

He never promised her the world and so she never expected a kingdom

She settled for the castle they would build together

and his gems came in the form of encouragement 

and her love reflected her hopes instead of insecurities.

Their journey would be long because they started their happily ever after prematurely,

finding good at a young age means plenty of time for the bad to occur

so they vowed to face it as man and woman

no Prince Charming or a damsel

but a union braving dragons spitting burning curses at them,

stepping on serpents that aim to hiss ill advices 

and lonely crickets longing for new company

Even though sorcerers plan hexes, the only spell she lives under is his love 

because with him the pillow began to stay dry late at night all because he made a choice to treat her right.

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